10 reasons to join us

Do you ever think where they are and what they are doing? Revive old friendships from your university days. Are you planning a reunion or would you just like to remember the old days and chat over how your life turned out?

Read the Alumni VŠB ‒ Technical University of Ostrava magazine Available twice a year directly to your email, the Alumni VŠB ‒ Technical University of Ostrava magazine brings news and information about upcoming events, activities and other interesting things for you to read and to stay in touch with current developments.

Work on your career progression Our free Carreer Centre of the VŠB ‒ Technical University of Ostrava will help you understand your working potential, and how to start building and developing your professional career.

The Graduate Card is full of benefits and waiting to be collected! We have prepared for you the Graduate Card VŠB ‒ Technical University of Ostrava full of interesting benefits. Identify yourself with your university and enjoy what is available only for you!

Always up to date Our quarterly newsletter will keep you up to date with all recent and future developments, news and events.

Do not ever miss another graduates reunion Once every 5 years...meet people who, even though different, share something in common. Feeling of togetherness towards a place, its history and traditions and being a part of the whole culture.

Identify with your Alma Mater As a member of the graduation network you can strenghten the bond between you and the university that formed your professional development. Join thousands of proud graduates and identify yourself with the Alma Mater.

Choose from a large number of events and activites Alumni VŠB ‒ Technical University of Ostrava unites graduates across all professions and generations. You can always approach us and we will help.

Unite professionally and contribute to improvement Approach your peers, potential colleagues and fellow workers via our network or through organised events.

Take part in our competitions Have you never won anything even in a raffle? This time good luck can be on your side! Our competitions take part several times a year. There are many prizes on offer such as tickets to events organised by the university or our partners.

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