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As a student you enjoyed a wide range of benefits and discounts. Why not to continue after your graduation?

We bring you the Graduate Card VSB ‒ Technical University of Ostrava full of interesting benefits provided by the university, its partners, and more than 400 other commercial entities within the license of the ALIVE program. Identify yourself with your university and enjoy what is available only for you!

Apply for your Graduate Card now. Online. Simply.

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Your graduate status never expires. The validity of the card for the university and partners benefits is also unlimited and does not need to be renewed.

The program ALIVE discounts are valid throughout the country from card is­suance to the end of a calendar year and for the following year. Subsequently, it is possible to extend the license using a revalidation stamp. More information about the license extension can be found in the FAQ's.

GRADUATE CARD FOR FREE? We reward excellent academic results. Red Diploma holders receive the Graduate Card for free. Valid for all graduates from the year 2016 when submitting the application within six months after graduation.

How to obtain the Graduate Card in five steps:

  1. Registration at the graduate website Alumni VSB ‒ Technical University of Ostrava.
  2. Log-in on your profile
  3. Request tab at the My Alumni
  4. Simple online payment
  5. Collection in person/by post