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Secondary school students designed a jewellery collection for VSB-TUO

Perfect combination, it is the right expression for the joint work of students and teachers of the Secondary Vocational School of Art and Grammar School, s.r.o. in Ostrava-Zábřeh and VSB - Technical University of Ostrava in the design and realization of a collection of jewellery that will serve as gift items for important visits to the university.

The idea of ​​creating your own jewellery originated at the Faculty of Mining and Geology. The project was also supported by its Dean, prof. Vladimír Slivka. Subsequently, the university addressed secondary school students with a simple assignment, which resulted in a total of fifteen final works. The university chose the final five and decided to realize them.

 Each of the students conceived the assignment from their point of view and based on their feelings – the inspiration was the city of Ostrava, people or the emblems and history of the faculties. “The idea was that students would design the entire jewellery collection thematically linked to the university, its history and the present,” says the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Materials Technology, doc. Adéla Macháčková. Then, under the guidance of their teachers, they realized their ideas and used their professional skills from designs to models, and to the final jewellery.

The jewellery is made of bronze and silver; it was cast at the Faculty of Materials and Technology. Both metals form a beautiful connection with minerals such as amethyst, agate, jasper or sodalite, which were supplied by the Faculty of Mining and Geology. Throughout the design and realization of the jewellery collection, the secondary school students were taking documentary photographs and keeping records. 

Each piece of jewellery is an original stored in a special box with a certificate of origin, also designed by students of the secondary school of art. The vernissage of the jewellery took place on Thursday 31 October at 9 a.m. at VSB-TUO in the presence of the Rector of the University prof. Václav Snášel, the headmistress of the secondary school Hana Dvořáková, authors and other guests, without whom this collection would not have been created.

Created: 8. 11. 2019
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