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Rector´s word

Rector´s word
Rector´s word

Dear Students, dear Staff Members,

This week, our republic is celebrating its birthday. But we are going through a difficult time that affects each of us, the whole country, our healthcare, industry and education. We all know that it is not even possible to celebrate. The current situation divides society, friends and families, both mentally and truly physically. It throws us into isolation. Working and learning from home, we are forced to use technology as a mediator for communication with other people. But not everyone can cope with it. For example, we teachers really miss personal interactions with students. And we are also worried about their academic results. Moreover, we are concerned about this year’s freshmen, who have a had a hard time completing their secondary education and have not even gained enough experience in studying at our university. At the same time, university studies have different rules and system and are mainly about the personal approach of each student and his or her responsibility.

One of the things that is not so obvious now, and that concerns our university is the fact that its name coming from the Latin word “universitas” also means community. The present time hardly allows us to build our little and, at the same time, big university universe, to develop a sense of togetherness between students and their teachers, student groups, relationships between colleagues. And that is something I personally regret. For almost a year, the preparations for the event The University to Itself have been going on. Its leitmotif is togetherness, pride, the joy of the university’s success, emphasis on the fact that we are part of the whole and everyone has an important role in it. In the end, it will take place online. Still, like in the case of the Art and Science festival or TechnikaRun, we will miss the experience of meeting others. So let us try to build the invisible, the “universitas” anyway. Sometimes, it is just a greeting in the hallway, sometimes a nice sentence in an e-mail, or an occasional call. These are small things, but they will help us overcome this difficult period and make it easier for us to get back to normal university life.

Best regards, and stay safe and healthy.

Václav Snášel


Created: 26. 10. 2020
Category:  News
Entered by:  Ing. Petra Halíková
Department: 9920 - Public Relations