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Young researchers at the Center for Nanotechnology

Young researchers at the Center for Nanotechnology
In September, two foreign students completed their research internship at the Center for Nanotechnology.

In the laboratory of technology and structure of nanomaterials, they worked on the topics of their doctoral and diploma theses. During the internship, they worked to supplement their knowledge, analysis and technology of materials that are unique to CNT. PhD student Agnieszka Dubiel (from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering / Department of Biomaterials and Medical Devices Engineering, Silesian University in Zabrze, Poland) is working on ceramic implants using nanotechnologies and has progressed her research at CNT to use carbon nanoparticles for ceramic modification. Iman Hasanov, a master's student, came from SAPIENZA Università di Roma, Italy, and studied microscopy at the Center for Nanotechnology. During the internship, he improved the study of thin films using AFM techniques and collaborated with colleagues from the CNT on a STEM Jeol microscope. Student Zeynep Aslan continues her CNT in her one-year internship on the topic of silver nanoparticles prepared by biotechnological processes.

Created: 22. 10. 2021
Category:  News
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Department: 9360 - CNT - Nanotechnology Centre