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Virtual reality applications market analysis

Virtual reality applications market analysis
The results of virtual reality research are published in an impact journal.

The future is being forecast for virtual reality, but where does it stand now?

Pavel Smutný from the Department of Control Systems and Instrumentation, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has been following the development of VR applications in education for 3 years as part of his research. The results indicated that more than half of the sample applications are available free of charge, they mostly use English as the communication language and users’ best rated applications are from the areas connected to nature, space, medicine, art and history.

The full article Learning with virtual reality: a market analysis of educational and training applications is available in the impact journal Interactive Learning Environments.

Created: 2. 3. 2022
Category:  News
Entered by:  Administrator
Department: 352 - Department of Control Systems and Instrumentation