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Report expired on 20. 4. 2023!

The University boasts an increase in the number of highly cited articles

The University boasts an increase in the number of highly cited articles
According to the Web of Science database, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO) has seen a significant improvement, year-on-year, in the number of highly cited papers. These are papers that rank in the top one percent of the most cited papers published in the same field in a given year.

While the previous high was three Highly Cited Papers in 2019, for 2021 VSB-TUO has nine highly cited publications in the database. In other years the University could only boast one paper in this category.

Although there is certainly still room for improvement, and we certainly do not want to stop at this figure, I am pleased with the increase of hundreds of percent. I am also pleased that publications, which are held in high esteem by the professional community, come from various departments and that the number of co-authors is also growing,” said Jana Kukutschová, Vice-Rector for Science and Research, who also participated in the publication of one Highly Cited Paper.

The Highly Cited Papers with affiliation to VSB-TUO for 2021 include five peer-reviewed articles and four review articles. Most of them (5) were published in Elsevier journals, two in Wiley titles and one each in MDPI and World Scientific.

The most active areas of interest were material sciences, physical chemistry, environmental and nanoscience, but there were also contributions in other fields. A number of authors have contributed to successful publications on behalf of VSB-TUO, only two researchers appear twice on the list. The first is Mark Rummeli from the Institute of Environmental Technology, part of the Centre for Energy and Environmental Technologies (CEET). The review paper Applications of nanogenerators for biomedical engineering and healthcare systems, which he co-authored, is also the only "Hot Paper" from VSB-TUO in 2021; it already has 87 citations!  Hot Papers are papers published in the last two years that receive citations soon after publication. These papers have been cited enough times in the last two months to place them in the top 0.1% when compared to papers in the same field and added to the database in the same period.  Another scientist who has contributed to two Highly Cited Papers at VSB-TUO is physical chemist Radek Zbořil from the Nanotechnology Centre, CEET, who was also included in the list of the world's most cited researchers - Highly Cited Researcher in 2021.

List of "Highly Cited Papers" with VSB-TUO affiliation:

Applications of nanogenerators for biomedical engineering and healthcare systems

Single-Atom Catalysts: A Sustainable Pathway for the Advanced Catalytic Applications

A review of recent developments in Si/C composite materials for Li-ion batteries

Biomass-derived activated carbon material from native European deciduous trees as an inexpensive and sustainable energy material for supercapacitor application

Evaluation of the Correlation between Facial Muscle and Brain Activities in Auditory Stimulation

Co-pyrolysis and synergistic effect analysis of biomass sawdust and polystyrene mixtures for production of high-quality bio-oils

Advanced Cr(VI) sorption properties of activated carbon produced via pyrolysis of the "Posidonia oceanica" seagrass

Source apportionment of magnetite particles in roadside airborne particulate matter

A Review of Vat Photopolymerization Technology: Materials, Applications, Challenges, and Future Trends of 3D Printing 

Created: 19. 4. 2022
Category:  News
Department: 9320 - Science and Research Management and the PhD Academy