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The FIP Academy offers its fourth seminar

The FIP Academy offers its fourth seminar
Christian Teicht from the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (Fraunhofer ICT) and Bedřich Smetana from the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology at VSB-Technical University of Ostrava will present their research at the fourth FIP Academy seminar on 5 May at 2 pm.

Christian Teicht will speak on Thermochemical heat storage and heat transformation systems- conceptualization, design and applications. He will focus on concepts, design and applications of thermochemical heat storage and conversion systems. Christian Teicht holds a master's degree in chemical engineering from the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences with a specialisation in heat and mass transfer and bulk solids technologies. He is currently working on his PhD thesis in the field of adsorption heat transformation.

Thermochemical heat storage and heat transformation systems can be used for loss-free long-term storage of heat or to provide cold from heat. The thermochemical heat storage systems investigated at Fraunhofer ICT are based on physisorption,” Teicht outlined the direction of his presentation.

Professor Bedřich Smetana from the Department of Chemistry and Physical Chemical Processes of the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology focusses his professional interest mainly on the study of thermophysical, thermodynamic and kinetic behaviour of a wide range of materials in solid and liquid phase (in melt) in a wide temperature range from minus 180 to 2000 degrees Celsius. The thermophysical and thermodynamic study of materials will also be the focus of his presentation at the FIP Academy seminar.

Some of the properties studied include phase transformation temperatures and heats, heat capacities, melt surface properties, viscosity, and more. The properties studied and the knowledge of thermophysical behaviour are a key basis for a fundamental understanding of the relationships between the chemical, phase composition, structure, and resulting properties of materials. The knowledge gained is also key to a number of technological applications,” said Smetana.

The seminar will be held via MS Teams, the language of delivery is English. Those interested can register here.

The FIP Academy is one of the activities of the Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Applied Artificial Intelligence for Materials & Manufacturing at VSB - Technical University of Ostrava. The aim is to enable interested parties to get acquainted with research in the institutions that are part of the platform and to look for opportunities for future scientific cooperation.

Created: 21. 4. 2022
Category:  News
Department: 9320 - Science and Research Management and the PhD Academy