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Ostrava is a beautiful and peaceful city that makes it impossible for you to not love it

Ostrava is a beautiful and peaceful city that makes it impossible for you to not love it
Story of Emiljana Ndoca from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

I had never been to the Czech Republic before until I came here for my studies at the VSB -
Technical University of Ostrava. Not knowing how my student life would be and not knowing what to expect, I must say I am very happy to have chosen the city of Ostrava and VSB-TUO for my studies.

I count myself very fortunate to have been able to spend 1 semester here as an exchange
student for the ERASMUS+ Mobility program at the Technical University of Ostrava. Studying at
VSB-TUO has been a very unique and wonderful experience. I am very grateful to everyone
who helped and supported me during this journey and for taking care of me since the beginning of this experience and helping me with whatever situation I faced. The university’s international office, the faculty study office, and the academic staff could not have been more welcoming and friendly. Everything is very organized from the beginning, starting with orientation days before the start of the semester and continuing with other various activities which made it possible for the new students to know more about the university and to feel comfortable with other students too. The academic staff is great and very helpful. I am very honored to have been able to learn from such great professors and also very grateful for receiving their help in developing my knowledge.

Everything I learned and experienced has inspired me to challenge myself in the future beyond my usual experiences. During my stay in Ostrava, I had the chance to do many activities. I have visited different cities in the Czech Republic and also some foreign cities which were easy to get to from Ostrava. Speaking about food, I am not a fussy eater and I like almost every type of food. I have tried the local cuisine in Ostrava and of course, I liked it very much. Must say I have had a great time studying and traveling but of course, the best part of this experience will always be the wonderful people I met and the new friends I made.

I really enjoyed living and studying here. To summarize my experience and the end of my journey here I would like to give a big thank you to my home university “Aleksandër Moisiu University of Durrës - UAMD” for making it possible to apply for the ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility program and also VSB-TUO Technical University of Ostrava for welcoming me and making me feel home. I have absolutely enjoyed this experience and it would never have been possible without the grant provided by the ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility program. For sure, I will remember this city and everything I have experienced here for a very long time and I can definitely say that a part of my heart will probably stay here forever. I really loved everything about Ostrava and I look forward to being back here.

Text: Emiljana Ndoca,FEI

Created: 5. 5. 2022
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