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The amazing experience of being an exchange student

The amazing experience of being an exchange student
Hello, my name is Peter, and I would like to tell you what it is like to be an exchange student at VSB–Technical University of Ostrava.

I come from South Sudan, which is an extremely diverse country. Many people ask me why I chose Ostrava to study at. Well, the answer is easy. I was looking for somewhere providing excellent quality while being affordable.

VSB-TUO is well known for having very sophisticated laboratories with high--quality teachers.
It is impossible to list all of my experiences here. However, Czech people and my peers made
the transition exceptionally smooth and pleasant. Everybody here is so helpful. I think that the Czechs are very welcoming to foreigners. Perhaps they are not so open at first, but once they get to know you more, they are a very generous and friendly nation. Another great benefit of studying abroad is dormitory life.

You are living with Czech and Slovak students as well as students from Turkey, Spain,
Columbia, Venezuela, and numerous others. You can make friends from all over the world!
Before I came here, I did some research about the country and everywhere I could travel. The reality has exceeded my expectations. A week before the semester started, I took intensive English lessons, an ESN buddy showed me around, I met with my faculty coordinator, and I had a chance to settle in before school started. And of course, I tasted the local beer. It is also great that as a student I can get a part--time job and VSB-TUO also provides scholarships for international students.

If I were to name one thing which surprised me in a negative way, it would be the level of difficulty of the Czech language! I speak five languages altogether but Czech, it’s a hard one to grasp!
However, to sum up, the experience of going abroad to study, it’s simple: for me, the experience
is always worth it. 

Text: Kamila Pokorná a Peter

Created: 13. 6. 2022
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