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The Minister appreciated the cooperation and promised to discuss possible changes to Methodology 17+

The Minister appreciated the cooperation and promised to discuss possible changes to Methodology 17+
Monday's visit of the Minister of Science, Research and Innovation, Helena Langšádlová, to VSB – Technical University of Ostrava was dedicated to the presentation of the Centre for Energy and Environmental Technologies (CEET) and its research directions, as well as a debate on Methodology 17+.

During the initial presentation of the institution, Minister Langšádlová appreciated the fact that CEET was created by merging four university institutes whose common denominator is research and development in the field of sustainable, non-nuclear, low-carbon energy. “If anything is a great pain in our science and research, it is the fact that it is not always collaborative. That is why I am glad to hear that you have decided to come together as one here,” Langšádlová told the directors of all the integrated units.

The Minister was also pleased with the cooperation of researchers with commercial partners. However, as CEET representatives pointed out, this fact is not reflected in Methodology 17+. The scaling of universities into categories A to D, on which the funding for the period 2021-2025 is based, was done only on the basis of the evaluation of modules M1 and M2, i.e. mainly on the basis of publication outputs and to a much lesser extent on applied research results (only those selected for M1).

The methodology is significantly set up for fundamental research. However, if technical universities are to cooperate with industry and bring the innovations that society is calling for, the methodology needs to be reconfigured,” stated Stanislav Mišák, CEET Director. According to him, in addition to publication outputs, cooperation with industry, contractual research, technology transfer, applied research results, etc., should also be reflected in the next evaluation with greater weighting.

As it emerged from the debate, a similar call is being heard from other Czech technical universities. “It is obvious that the system is not perfect, and the will to improve the methodology is there. I have promised your Rector that I will convene a meeting of representatives of technical universities and we will discuss the realignment. It is important because the system influences the behaviour of universities,” said the Minister, who held talks with VSB-TUO management representatives and visited the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center in addition to CEET.


Created: 28. 4. 2022
Category:  News
Department: 9390 - Centre for Energy and Environmental Technologies