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Cooperation with the Ostroj company has resulted in the construction of a photovoltaic power plant

Cooperation with the Ostroj company has resulted in the construction of a photovoltaic power plant
The construction of a photovoltaic power plant on the roof of a factory building is the culmination of long-term cooperation between the engineering company Ostroj and the Energy Research Centre (VEC), which is part of the Centre for Energy and Environmental Technologies at VSB-TUO. The plant should produce up to 486 MWh of green energy per year. In the foreseeable future, it should be joined by another plant with roughly double the originals capacity.

"Ostroj in Opava is our long-term partner. We have carried out many studies and audits for them to reduce energy consumption and emissions, along with making other ecological enhancements. We were able to build on this experience in the preparation of the study and subsequent project documentation for the photovoltaic power plant," explained Jakub Meca, VEC's lead electrical designer.

To accommodate the 1,092 panels with an efficiency of around 20 percent, the experts proposed to use skylights on the roof of the Hydraulics Division's production factory.  "We have prepared the project, the requirements for the building permit, and we have figured out the method of anchoring the solar panels. The company had already thought about the possibility of a photovoltaic power plant on the roof during the reconstruction of the hall and made the necessary modifications to the skylights, which was a big advantage. The company received a proposal from us for a complete solution, including the use of the electricity generated, which is fed directly into the switchboards in the factory," said Meca. Due to the company’s electricity consumption needs, the green energy is easily used up and there was no need for battery storage. The first solar power should be in service at the site by early next year at the latest.

According to Meca, the photovoltaic plant is another step on the company's path to reducing energy consumption. In addition, the cooperation with VEC continues. "At the moment, we have already received a request for project documentation for another photovoltaic power plant with an output of more than 1,000 kWp/MWp. This will be the largest photovoltaic plant on the site. When the capacity of the PV plant, which is already under construction is added to this, the total capacity will reach 1.5 MWp. Thanks to the experience we have gained since 2008, we have been able to design a large rooftop PV plant for the customer. For our partners, we also conduct projects for ground based photovoltaic power plants in the order of several tens of MW peaks," Meca added.

The solution using skylights will also be utilised with another partner, which is a neighbour of Ostroj. VEC experts, who have many years of experience in researching the issue, are also preparing a project for this company. The photovoltaic power plants designed by VEC's staff should also operate in the Bohemian region and Brno.

Created: 27. 6. 2022
Category:  News
Department: 9340 - Energy Research Centre