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Little Campers turned into researchers in the research centre's laboratories

Little Campers turned into researchers in the research centre
During the holidays, about 150 children were introduced to the research of the Institute of Environmental Technology (IET), which is part of the Centre for Energy and Environmental Technologies (CEET) at VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, in a fun way. As part of Techcamps organised by the University, schoolchildren tried several experiments in laboratories, learned about water purification, and got to know earthworm tea.

We tried to prepare an interesting and interactive programme for the campers during the four camps. For example, we showed them our earthworms, which we use for research on the ecotoxicity of pollutants in water. We talked to them about water purification by adsorption processes, which we are studying in our centre. And because we know that children enjoy it most when they can try everything out for themselves, we prepared a series of experiments ranging from measuring the pH value of solutions, determining the density of liquids and making sugar rainbows to learn about natural dyes in different plants and animals,” said Tereza Bílková, IET researcher.

Techcamps for the children of University employees were held under the auspices of the VSB-TUO popularisation team Zlepši si techniku. One of the camps was dedicated to children with autism spectrum disorder.

The IET researchers are regularly involved in events to promote science and technology. “We have a young team here who enjoy promoting science and technology. Our goal is to show children, or the general public, that chemistry is all around us and that it is a very useful and fun science,” added Bílková, who said that the local researchers will again be involved in the Researcher’s Night to be held in September.

Created: 24. 8. 2022
Category:  News
Department: 9390 - Centre for Energy and Environmental Technologies