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The best scientific and technical exhibition? The one from the VSB-TUO

The best scientific and technical exhibition? The one from the VSB-TUO
The first October week was devoted to the International Engineering Fair. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of VSB-TUO, together with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics presented itself in Brno from Tuesday to Friday and, in addition to valuable contacts and publicity, also received the award for the best scientific and technical exposition.

For the third time, Ostrava engineers went to Brno to show the best of the faculty's projects and scientific research works at the International Engineering Fair (MSV). The exposition was a success, which was confirmed not only by the visitors, but also by the Association of Slovak Scientific and Technical Societies, which awarded the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering the prize for the best scientific and technical presentation at this year's MSV. The award is a thank you to all those who put their time and effort into the organisation of the fair.

One of the attractions of the Ostrava exhibition was the 1927 Indian Scout motorcycle, which was repaired by students and employees in the unique Restoration Workshop. Before the restoration work, it was completely unrideable. In the Restoration Workshop, it was completely cleaned, missing parts were replaced by reverse engineering and the paint was restored.

In addition, the faculty also presented innovations in the field of additive technologies, robotics, design and cooperation with the medical sector. Motorsport fans, for example, were impressed by a prototype motorcycle, or a racing minibike, which the faculty had used innovative technologies to produce, including 3D printing of composite materials.

The stand of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of VSB-TUO also featured a section dedicated to additive technologies. In addition to the scooter, which was the first in the world to be printed on a 3D printer, visitors could also see a skateboard or roller skates made using the same method.

The RoverOva team was also present in Brno with its mobile robot. They are the only student team from the Czech Republic to tour prestigious international rover competitions. Last time they won 4th place in Turkey at the Anatolian Rover Challenge. However, it was mainly the robotic dog that gained a lot of attention from passers-by. It was photographed by children and adults alike.

As an example of successful cooperation with industry, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering presented two exhibits. Design furniture, which was made by the company Iktus based on the teacher's design, and orthotic aids made in cooperation with the company Invent Medical.

Created: 10. 10. 2022
Category:  News
Entered by:  Mgr. Lada Dittrichová
Department: FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering