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PhD students presented their projects at the Doctoral Grant Competition workshop

PhD students presented their projects at the Doctoral Grant Competition workshop
On Wednesday 15 February, participants of the Doctoral Grant Competition (DGS) workshop presented the results of their research projects. An expert panel evaluated more than two dozen individual or team projects. The aim of the competition is to support the scientific research of full-time doctoral students.


"The level of the projects presented was very good, everyone could boast of their publications and the students also demonstrated good presentation skills. We try to guide our PhD students to take responsibility and strive to lead their research to specific outputs. From this perspective, the Doctoral Grant Competition is fulfilling its purpose," said Jana Kukutschová, Vice-Rector for Science and Research, under whose auspices the workshop was held.

Applicants could submit individual or team projects. The panelists then evaluated the qualifications of the members of the research team; its scientific relevance; the professional level of the proposed project; the level of its elaboration; the appropriateness of the topic; the degree of internationalisation and interdisciplinary cooperation; the adequacy of the project schedule; and the requirements for the allocation of funds.

The two-year team project "Study of Photochemical, Photocatalytic and Membrane Processes with Application in Environmental Technologies" was presented by the principal investigator Petra Wojnarová from the Institute of Environmental Technologies, one of the parts of the Centre for Energy and Environmental Technologies, and the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology. She collaborated with Aneta Smýkalová, Alena Kulišt'áková and Filip Kovar. The aim of the project was to gain new knowledge especially in the field of removal of micropollutants from the liquid phase by photochemical and photocatalytic processes, and also production of sustainable and green energy - biomethane by membrane separation from biogas.

"I evaluate the DGS project very positively. Thanks to it, we were able to experience teamwork and the leadership and organisation of the team itself. In the course of the project, we established cooperation with foreign universities and also with industrial partners through internships. The DGS projects have supported interdisciplinary collaboration, but also our PhD research activities. It was valuable experience," said Wojnarová.

The aim of the DGS is to improve the conditions for the training of new scientific and pedagogical staff, to increase and support the scientific and research activities of PhD students, to strengthen internationalisation, interdisciplinary cooperation and the practical skills of PhD students in project management.

The DGS results are available here.

Text: Martina Šaradínová, PR specialist for R&D
Photo: Petr Havlíček







Created: 20. 2. 2023
Category:  News
Department: 9320 - Science and Research Management and the PhD Academy